The Art of Mixology: How-to Mix Cocktails

February 15, 2016

Sitting down at a bar with friends in Boston, the waiter approaches the table and begins to take orders. Friends begin ordering wine and beer, even though you may be considering a cocktail. You order a wine not only to fit in, but because you don’t even know what the ingredients are in that Old Fashioned.

Other friend circles, including you, are all about the cocktails. But have you ever wondered how to mix the sometimes pricey drinks at home?

Whatever your experience, our mixology series aims to show you what you need to create cocktails at home and what common drinks entail. The series is aimed at anyone interested in cocktails to take you from the very basics to the loftiest cocktail options.

There are some amazing cocktail bars in Boston. If you’ve been to one it can seem pretty intimidating to consider making your own cocktails at home, but don’t be scared! Getting started is a lot easier, and cheaper, than you think. Posts for this series will help you learn to mix, build your bar, and have fun in the process.

Other than liquor, the only starter supplies you will need include:

We’ll give you a few days to buy those items. And then we begin.


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