All About BABES: Boston’s Ladies-Only Beer Group

Monday, April 4, 2016

With two craft breweries opening each day across the United States and Massachusetts claiming 123 of its own, there’s no reason for women to continue to drink cranberry vodkas. But breweries and their vast lists of beer can be intimidating. That’s where the Boston Area Beer Enthusiasts Society (or BABES) enters.

In 2011, Kristen Sykes founded BABES with the goal of introducing “women to new beer styles, food and beer pairings, beer professionals, and all things related to beer.” Events range from brewery tours to overnight trips to Vermont, providing education and ample time to socialize.

“Last year we did an event at Harpoon Brewery that had a panel of 7-8 women that worked in different capacities at the brewery, from the head of [public relations] to a woman working on the bottling line,” reminisces Kristen. “It was a super inspiring event and many of the BABES left thinking that they too could work at a brewery if they wanted to.”

Most events are female-only, but men occasionally attend with female friends or partners.

Where to drink around town

After years of drinking beer throughout the Boston area, here are Kristen’s top recommendations:

If you’re looking for a place to drink and…

Or if you’re looking to host a living room party, buy a few cans of…

And if you’re wanting to drink alcohol and not in the mood for beer, head to Alden and Harlow (Harvard Square), Bantam Cider Company (Somerville), Eastern Standard (Kenmore Square), or Carrie Nation Cocktail Club (the Common).


Here’s your chance to join BABES!

“BABES is a great place for women to learn about and try new beers and to meet new friends,” says Kristen. Join the +1,600 Facebook friends at their monthly meetups, attracting on average 30-40 beer enthusiasts each time. A few upcoming events include cooking with beer (April 25), a trip to Portland (May 7), and a how-to in cellaring beer at the Craft Beer Cellar (May 10). All events are pay-as-you-go.

Meetup group: Boston Area Beer Enthusiasts Society

Facebook: BABES

Happy drinking!


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